• [Mortalis] Better handling of one account rule. (Still in development.)
  • [Mortalis] Guards no longer insta kill. Instead, guards send you to Angel Island Prison for 1 hour.
    Players are charged with meting out death.
  • [Mortalis] Tents are now inheritable by the next character created after death.
  • [Mortalis] Remove 'Mortal' title on Mortalis (kinda redundant.)
  • [Mortalis] Enabled the Siege x3 price hike for Mortalis
  • [Mortalis] Added Mortalis starting gear
  • [Mortalis] Remove gold from starting gear. (Exploit potential.)
  • [Mortalis] SKILLS

    All characters on Mortalis start with the following 4 core skills:
    1. 100 [weapon skill]
    2. 100 healing
    3. 100 anatomy
    4. 100 tactics

    In the character creation menu, you may choose your secondary skills. Either by choosing a pre-defined class (warrior/mage/blacksmith), or using the skill sliders.
    You may set your desired weapon skill by spending at least 1 point in that weapon skill using the skill sliders. Otherwise, your weapon skill will be set to swordsmanship.
    Any skill points spent on core skills will be shifted towards the wrestling skill. Example: If you chose 50 healing using the skill sliders, you will find that you start with 50 wrestling, as well as 100 healing. This is because healing is a core skill.
  • [Mortalis] STATS

    All characters on Mortalis start with a full stat distribution of 225 stat points. The amount of STR/DEX/INT you start with is proportional to the stat points that you've chosen during character creation (either by choosing a template or using the stat sliders). STR and DEX are favored over INT and you can never start with more than 50 INT.
  • [Mortalis] GEAR

    All characters on Mortalis start with an exceptional weapon and a full set of exceptional armor. The type of weapon/armor you start with depends on the stats/skills you have chosen.