• [bug fix] Guildmaster votes:
    Players that have not logged in for 14 days will automatically vote for themselves whereby removing support for whoever they previously voted for.
    This change allows active members to always control who the guildmaster is and not be hamstrung by a bunch of members that no longer play.
  • Reward instruments not awarded to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place will now have the title “Honorable mention”. (may be given by staff to the “host” for instance.)
  • [internal] Convert Blank Scroll graphic to the flipped version to avoid some client weirdness.
  • [content] Rolled Up sheet Music:
    We’ve built a system whereby composers can sell their works. This is how it works:
    1. You buy a MusicCompositionBook
    2. You buy ManuscriptPaper
    3. You fill in the MusicCompositionBook with your razor formatted song + lyrics (comments are okay too)
    4. You double-click the ManuscriptPaper and target the book.
    5. The blank ManuscriptPaper is turned into RolledUpSheetMusic.
    Result: RolledUpSheetMusic when double-clicked plays the tune. RolledUpSheetMusic cannot be copied.
    This system creates a market for composers to sell their works and for players to buy/resell/trade them.
    Note: playing RolledUpSheetMusic still requires skill. A MusicBox will be coming soon that will let anyone enjoy Angel Island’s greatest composers.
  • [content] Bard NPC:
    1. Add ManuscriptPaper
    2. Add MusicCompositionBook
  • remove PvP wands (again!)
  • Basilisks will now stealth with you again.
  • [internal] Townships:
    Reworked the backend of the township system, paving the road for future expansion