• [content] Magic leather tailoring:
    Like blacksmithy and carpentry, tailors can now combine magery with their skill in tailoring to create magic leather armor.
    RegularLeather, first circle
    SpinedLeather, fourth circle
    HornedLeather, seventh circle
    BarbedLeather, eighth circle
    See the wiki for complete details.
  • [content] Tenjin's Needle:
    To magic craft tailored leather, you will need Tenjin's Needle.
    Tenjin's Needle is available on the Tailor NPC, of if you don't have the gold, do the Grizelda quest.
  • [content] Grizelda Quest:
    Grizelda will now provide any of the three Tenjin tools based on your skill in that field.
    If you have two or more of the skills (blacksmith, tailoring, carpentry,) Grizelda will select one of the tools for you at random.
  • [bug fix] [SwapBackpack command:
    Fix a bug that was causing ‘swapped’ out backpacks to end up out in the ocean if you were swapping backpacks from a container that was not your bankbox.
    Also, add overload checking to ensure the destination container (if any) can hold the items/weight of the incoming backpack.
  • [bug fix] ProspectorsTool doesn't see spots that can be mined:
    Changed to match Harvest Target (used by pickaxe)
  • [bug fix] Character Creation:
    Fix a bug that was causing issues for players creating characters with invalid skills (chivalry, etc.)
  • [content] Changes to big fish:
    * Big fish now have random weights (from 1 to 225 stones).
    * Weight is not entirely random, but rather influenced by elements that affect all of Sosaria. The experienced fisher will come to understand this.
    * Big fish now have one of two hues: Blue or green.
    * Newly caught big fish now display the name of the fisher. But only if the fish weighs more than 20 stones.
    * Newly crafted big fish trophies now display the fisher and the weight of the fish. But only if the fish weighs more than 20 stones.
  • [content] Added ship tracking: Track nearby ships, either flee or approach. Here's how it works:
    1. Board your ship. Ship tracking only works when you're on a boat.
    2. Carry a spyglass. (Craft through tinkering.)
    3. Carry a map. One of the following maps will do: Local map, city map, sea chart, or world map. (Buy from a mapmaker NPC or craft through cartography.)
    4. To begin, say "start tracking".
    5. No other action required! While tracking, your map will periodically be updated:
    a. The map will be centered at your location.
    b. Map pins will be added to your map. The first map pin will always represent your own boat. All of the following map pins represent other boats that are nearby.
    *. Having either high cartography or tracking skill grants a small bonus to your ship tracking range.
    *. You may track up to 5 ships.
    6. To stop, say "stop tracking".
    *. Ship tracking has no skill requirements; anyone can do it.