• [bug fix] Unusual keys dropping again.
    New chance table implementation.
  • New backup strategy (server is saving)
    Should be faster, more robust recoverability
  • [Test Center] New stam loss implementation on TC.
    Please go to TC and check it out… let us know what you think.
  • [internal] boards/logs are once again flipable.
  • [internal] Bug fixes related to the breeding system:
    o Fixed an issue that prevented pets from mating. Mating 2 pets should not take long! Make sure you feed the male pet 1 black pearl and 1 sulfurous ash. You should begin to see mating attempts within 5 minutes.
    o Dragons/basilisks that have been fed 3 kukui nuts will now correctly begin to age.
    o Fix an issue that caused kukui nuts to become useless after dropping them into a container. All existing useless kukui nuts have been converted into working kukui nuts.
  • [internal] Added xml addon
  • [internal] Reorganized/added holiday stuff