• [content] Added new wood types: Ash, Oak, Yew, Heartwood, Bloodwood, Frostwood:
    The new wood types don't have fixed locations. They can be found anywhere, at random.
  • Zora:
    a. Added Slayer Instruments to Zora. Removed global Slayer Instrument drops.
    b. Like Slayer Weapons, you can now get the Slayer Instrument of your choosing.
    The interface is the same, except you will tell her you want a "slayer weapon" or "slayer instrument". If you just say "Slayer", she will ask you which one you want.
    c. fix the waiting period.. The waiting period for a slayer is 2-4 hours.
    d. Zora now notifies you when your slayer is ready (so you don't need to keep running back the pond.)
    *you have the feeling Zora may have finished your x*
  • Magic Craft System:
    a. The Magic Craft system (MCS) now supports all the new wood types in addition to regular wood and iron (previously iron was not supported.)
    b. Crystalline powders have been obsoleted. (They were a stopgap until we got our exotic woods.)
    c. All previously crafted wooden gear that was converted to 'metal' will be grandfathered into the system and are now 'a rare'.
  • [content] Weapons/Armor/Instruments/Furniture crafted with wood retain the hue of the wood.
  • [internal] Fixed the on-single click labels of several items (e.g. books).
  • [Internal] Fixed the hue of wax sealed bows.
  • [internal] Fixed the gump IDs of several containers (most notable town containers).
  • [content] Integrated new wood types into the Balanced Buyback System (BBS). Sell wood to NPCs on consignment.