• Unusual chests and crates in all dungeons:
    Throughout, I will be referring to ‘chests’, but this also includes the three ‘crate’ types as well.
  • Just walking by with no other skills will reveal the chest
  • DH allows you to scan an area by clicking the floor nearby – gives a distance advantage over having to walk up to the chest.
  • All player-owned “unusual keys” have been converted to three different colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. Red is the rarest, then Blue, then Yellow.
    3% of your keys will have been turned Red, 20% Blue, and the rest Yellow
  • With the exception of some ‘box’ types, virtually all dungeon crates, and chests are now participating in the system.
  • Role Play Aspect: These crates were left behind many years ago by pirates, and so, the locks are rusty and will break your key. (keys are single use)
  • Rares: Yellow chests will Yield a rare maybe 3-5% of the time. Blue 10-15%, and Red ~50%.
    Other goodies will drop as well, scaled by the above mentioned color codes.
  • Math facts: as of the time of this writing, there are 689 eligible containers in dungeons. Of those 689, 136 are ‘unusuals’, or 19.74% of all eligible containers are “unusual”.
  • Automatic recycling system:
    a. All unusuals have a ~4 hour decay cycle. That is, every 4 hours, these containers despawn, and are replaced with their static counterparts.
    b. When a container is opened, it immediately begins to decay. The decay for an opened container is ~15 minutes. Again, once it decays, it will be replaced with its static counterpart.
    c. This recycling system means the ‘look’ of the dungeon never changes. we don’t add and remove chests.. there will be a constant 689 chests and any given moment.
  • Key drops have been greatly reduced, so treasure the keys you currently own.
  • Unusuals cannot be picked and magic does not work on them either. They are not trapped. And no skills are required to open them .. just a key.
  • [content] Added Large BOD exchange mechanism: Drop an empty Large BOD onto a BOD vendor in order to exchange it for a random Small BOD.
  • [internal] Fixed gump IDs of several containers (mostly town containers).
  • [internal]: Fixed a bug which prevented books from being copied using inscription.
  • [internal]: In the carpentry craft menu, all fletching craftables are now organized in a single category: "Bowcraft / Fletching".
  • Armoires now work correctly from a backpack.
  • Fix a bug that was preventing non magic weapons to retain their hue.
  • Angry miner camps now have a chance to drop a gargoyles' pickaxe. (This is in addition to the +20 ASH)
    a. Increase the chance to drop just a smidge.
  • Level 6 Treasure Chests (dungeon):
    Wherever Level5 dungeon chests spawn, there is a chance to find a Level6
    a. Your passive use of the Detect Hidden skill (just walking around) will alert you *you sense that something may be buried nearby *
    b. After determining that something is in the area, you will use your Detect Hidden skill to locate the exact location of the buried chest.
    c. You do not need any special skills that the dungeon picker doesn’t already have. Just grab a shovel and dig it up!
    d. In addition to the loot you would expect from a Level6 chest, these chests are really the ‘home deco’ chests. These chests boast 23 new rares, 17 of which are Addons (and can be redeeded).
  • New danger in all dungeon chests:
    a Guardians are now just a smidge smarter about looters.
    b We didn’t want this to be a big change, so we will throttle it up/down based on logging player success/failure.
    c It will remain a lucrative playstyle, just not a PIN’less ATM