• [bug fix] Blacksmith Co-op strongboxes:
    a. Fix a bug that wasn't letting players access containers stored in the strongbox
    b. Items in strongboxes now stack properly.
  • [content] Player crafted magic gear now receive the exceptional boost:
    This boost distinguishes monster drop magic gear from player-crafted gear.
  • [content] BOD Points leaderboard:
    You can now view the top ten players with the most BOD points earned.
    Tracking started as of this morning's patch.
  • [content] Changes to the BOD system:
    a. The banking rate for small BODs was increased from 2% to 4%.
    b. When you turn in a BOD, you may instantly receive a new BOD offer, negating the BOD timer.
    c. The cost of co-op membership deeds has been reduced from 1800 points to 800 points.
    d. BOD timers are now shared over each account; When you receive a BOD offer, you and all your characters on the same account must wait before receiving a new offer.
  • [bug fix] Fixed an issue where placing an addon in a very specific spot in a large marble house would result in the addon becoming unchoppable.
  • [content] Player-crafted magic gear now retains the original metal's hue - unless of course, you elected during crafting to remove the hue.
    The magic craft system no longer removed hue from gear that fails all the dice rolls / skill checks.
  • Magic Craft System:
    The magic Craft system has had an overhaul which includes smoothing the distribution curve of magical attributes across the different levels.
    We ran on the order of 100,000 tests (10,000 per loop) to verify success rates are what we expect them to be, and that they are relatively consistent across weapon, armor, and metal types.
    This consistency doesn't mean the success rates are perfect, but rather that they are working as designed. Additionally, we have in-game knobs to adjust success rates should that be necessary.
  • [content] Globally reduce high-end magic gear by 50%:
    Most magic gear drops have been reduced by 50%. This is done to help bolster the smithing trade.
    All missing gear has been replaced with magic clothes, magic jewelry, magic wands, and rares.
  • [content] Added a new rare to the rare factory (will show up in lieu of magic gear that would normally drop.)