1. [internal] Chicken/dragon breeding system:
    Completely reworked the chicken/dragon breeding system.
  2. [internal] Extended the breeding system to potentially support any kind of creature - Adding more breedables will be much easier from now on.
  3. [content] Kukui nuts are now stackable.
  4. [content] Changes to mating:
    a. Reduced the idle waiting time requirement before the mating ritual can start.
    b. Boosted the effect that sulfurous ash has during mating. Sulfurous ash makes the male more likely to attempt a mating.
    c. Boosted the effect that black pearl has during mating. Black pearl makes the male more likely to pregnate the female. This increases the chance of an egg being laid.
  5. [content] Hatched chicks will now try to find a suitable control master (= player) nearby. If successful, the master will automatically gain control over the chick.
  6. [content] Changes to chickens:
    a. Boosted the effect that the "Physique" gene has on the chicken's hit-points.
  7. [content] Changes to dragons:
    a. Boosted the effect that the "Physique" gene has on the dragon's hit-points.
    b. Added the "Breath Damage" gene. Affects the dragon's fire breath damage.
  8. [content] Changes to the basilisks' familiar heal ability:
    0. NOT changed: Male basilisks heal their master's stamina. Female basilisks heal their master's mana. Basilisks with a very strong bond with their master will additionally heal their master's hit points.
    a. The basilisk must now be near its master in order to cast familiar heal.
    b. The basilisk may now cast familiar heal while its master is hidden.
    c. Slightly increased the amount of hits/stam/mana that is healed. The healing amount depends on how many days the master has been bonded with the basilisk.
  9. [content] Basilisks are now breedable:
    a. Basilisks have all the genes that dragons have, with the exception of the "Breath Damage" gene.
    b. Added the "Toxicity" gene. Affects the basilisk's hit poison.
    c. Added the "Healing Potency" gene. Affects the amount of hits/stam/mana that is healed by the familiar heal ability.
    Note: On Test Center, players can use kukui nuts to instantly advance their pet's maturity stage! For example, if your pet is Infant and you feed it a kukui nut, it'll grow up to the Child stage.
    Kukui nuts spawning at WBB
  10. Fixed an issue where some rare addons could not be redeeded - All rare addons should be redeedable. Craftable addons should NOT be redeedable.
  11. [content] Blacksmithing Cooperatives:
    There is a blacksmithing cooperative just behind west brit bank. On the ground there you will find membership deeds. Double click the deed and target the house sign to activate your membership.
    Each membership is good for 90 days. The deeds stack, so applying more deeds will increase your membership at that particular establishment.
    Membership is for only one particular establishment, so if you want to have memberships at more than one establishment, you will need more deeds.
    Things to test:
    a. you cannot enter until you are a member
    b. you can enter after you are a member.
    c. you get a 20% blacksmithing buff when you enter
    d, you lose the 20% blacksmithing buff when you exit
    e. You can actually craft magic platemail now!
    Probably the single most important perk associated with the blacksmithing cooperative is the 20% boost to the blacksmithing skill. If you're already a GM, you have probably found smithing platemail is very difficult, and plaitmail tunics are especially tough (which means magic crafting these things is near impossible and so astronomically expensive.)
    The 20% boost to Blacksmithing puts magic (and non-magic) platmail back on the table.
    The boost happens automatically when entering the cooperative and is removed when you leave. The buff happens regardless of the tools used. It should be mentioned the buffs of magical hammers and such stack with the cooperative and can yield higher success rates than anywhere else in the game.
    There are 8 or 9 Blacksmith cooperatives live on the production shard, but BODS are not yet live, so no memberships are yet available.
  12. [content] Tenjin's Hammer:
    All existing Ancient Smithy Hammers have been replaced with Tenjin's Hammers (TC only).
    Tenjin's Hammers are replacing Ancient Smithy Hammer because the Ancient Smithy Hammer will resurface in standard OSI fashion giving a blacksmithing boost and will be available as a BOD reward.
    Tenjin's Hammers are now spawning at the blacksmithing coop behind WBB. (You need Tenjin's Hammer to craft magical gear.)
  13. [content] Major rework of Magic Crafting System:
    We've replaced all the dice rolls with skill checks. (Wiki will be updated with details shortly.) So all the places where we were simply rolling dice to see if you were to get the magical attribute, we now do skill checks. (Skill checks still use randoms internally for a 'chance' to succeed, but it is much more controlled.)
    The new magic craft engine is far more predictable and yields higher success rates than the previous version.
  14. [content] Bulk Order Deeds:
    BODs are now available for blacksmiths from the blacksmith NPC. We've placed one right next to the cooperative for your convenience. We've removed the delays in getting BODs on test center to speed testing along,
  15. [content] Bulk Order Deed Rewards:
    Still in development. But one interesting reward is the Resource Map:
    The resource map shows the location of a source of rare ore. First, you must head out to the location. A cartographer's sextant may aid you in pin-pointing the exact location. Once there, and with the resource map in your pack, hack away at the rocks to find the rare ore. Resource maps have limited charges. Every swing of the pickaxe consumes one charge. When the ore vein has run dry, double click the resource map again to find a new location of rare ore.
    Please test these.
    Other rewards, like the Ancient Smithing Hammer, will be coming online soon before release.

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