• [content] Member Only Shops (Cooperatives):
    One of the new Smithing BOD rewards will be a membership to a Smithing Cooperative.
    Smithing Cooperatives will be sprinkled about the land in all the premiere mining locations.
    Smithing Cooperative Features:
    o) A Smithing Cooperative is a house with a forge, anvil, trash barrel, and a StrongBox for each member. (and maybe some other deco, etc.)
    o) The StrongBox is virtual, and serves up the appropriate strongbox for the player. You will only see one strongbox, and for all intents and purposes, it is your strongbox. If you drop something in it, it goes to your strongbox. If you double-click it, it opens your strongbox. If a different player uses it, it will act as their strongbox. This was done to prevent the necessary management of possibly many player-owned strongboxes in an otherwise small shop.
    The strongbox acts like a normal strongbox. It holds 25 items and has no weight limit, so it's perfect for ore and ingots, tools and whatever.
    o) The houses themselves (shops/Cooperatives) are special in the following ways:
    a) There are no friends or CoOwners, only Members. Members cannot do anything to the shop except enter the shop and use the equipment. Nonmembers cannot enter the shop at all.
    b) Currently, membership is free forever - this is up for discussion. Maybe your reward is 3-6 month free membership, after that, you pay X gold per month? Let's discuss.
  • [internal] NonLocalStorage:
    Add support for container access that is not in LOS.
  • [bug fix] Crafting Gump:
    Fixed a bug in the crafting gump that was preventing certain success messages from being displayed.
  • [internal] Event Spawners:
    Made some updates here, but mostly made them operate in GameTime and not ServerTime