• [content] Magic crafted wooden weapons and shields:
    The Magic craft system now supports wooden weapons and shields.
    The system works like that for metal gear, except you need crystalline metal (copper, gold, valorite, etc.) to imbue the gear with magical properties.
    You can find the crystalline metal on the Alchimist NPC.
    Note on crystalline metal powder: Eventually, it will be player craftable.
    In addition to the crystalline powder, you will also need Tenjin's Saw. You can acquire this saw in a number of places: Tree Of Knowledge, by completing the Witch Apprentice Quest (if you are GM carpenter,) or buy the saw directly from the Carpenter NPC.
    To magic craft wooden gear, just have the powder and reagents in your inventory. Double click Tenjin's Saw, and you're off to the races.
  • [content] Magic system multi-Level Upgrades:
    Magic Craft now has a 25% chance at a multi-Level Upgrade. This means that all metal types (or metal-infused wood) can attain the highest magical properties. See the wiki for detailed information (coming soon.)
  • [content] Certain metals now give resistance:
    All of the 'soft' metals, gold, bronze, copper, and dull copper now significantly resist corrosion. This includes the corrosion incurred when you battle a corrosive creature like an acid elemental or slime, or when you are using poison. Corrosion from poison is reduced by 50%, and when battling corrosive creatures, corrosion is reduced by 66.67%.
  • Kadull the thief guildmaster is back at WBB
  • Guild Fealty:
    We no longer count guild member votes that have not logged in for 14 days.
  • [internal] Doppelgangers:
    Add [Doppelganger command so that I can make Doppelgangers on the fly

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