• Smart AI mob inventory:
    Smart AI mobs- the ones with potions, pouches, and bandages may drop some of these items on death, but that can no longer be stolen.
    Reasoning: These items were never really intended as loot, but were to facilitate their Smart AI (use human healing, potions, bandages, etc.)
    Stealing these items does two things:
    1) an extra source of Strong Potions for thieves
    2) Borks the ability of these smart mobs to use their resources.
  • Throttle gold and gear drops from Doppelgangers:
    Since players have learned how Doppelgangers work, I've added a capping mechanism to limit total gold/magic gear dropped.
  • New book of upgrade contracts available:
    A new book of upgrade contracts is available on the General Contractor. This book explains everything you need to know about upgrading the storage of your house.
  • General Contractor:
    We've Moved the Building Permits and Lockbox and Tax Credits from the Architect to the General Contractor.
    Now the General Contractor is your one-stop shop for all upgrades.
  • New Bob Champ:
    o) I've replaced the old 'template' driven champ with a new Polymorphic Mobile Engine.
    o) Rebalanced the loot on the wave mobs
    o) Bobs no longer all over Jhelom, more concentrated around alter
    o) [Update] Bobs can now be looted by anyone.
    Special Note:
    Jhelom's Autumn Champ will be guard zone friendly... The guards are welcoming any and all that will eliminate the Bobs from the island. but.. they will still be on duty against foul play.
    In layman's terms: Jhelom will remain a guard zone always, even when the Bob champ is running. I upgraded the Guard's AI to recognize Bobs as an undesirable annoyance, but not one that requires guard action. Lord British is instead calling on all citizens to chase the Bobs out of town (It's a civil matter.)
    Final note: New rare drop on The One Bob.
  • [bug fix/patch] GM clothing and newbie daggers:
    Due to a bug in the Doppelganger event, GM clothing and newbie daggers (and other starting weapons) in your backpack were de-newbied. This does not apply to clothes being worn (they are fine.)
    I have already patched the server and returned all GM Clothing, daggers, and spellbooks to newbie status.
    If in the off chance you had a Tattered Elder Robe that was Blessed, and in your backpack, at the time of the event. DM me and I will pull the backup and verify you had it. If I find that you did indeed have this item in your backpack, I will bless it (and replace if needed.)

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