• Guildstone:
    Fixed a bug in guildmaster management.
  • [internal] Rewrote the GameTime vs ServerTime class ... should give better time difference displays.
  • Tree of Knowledge:
    The capabilities of the TOK have been expanded to include both resurrecting your pet, and pet bonding.
    1) Resurrecting: The TOK will now resurrect your pet, for a price of course.
    2) Bonding: You breeders may find this feature useful. Example. You are searching for the perfect breeding stock and don't want to wait the 7 days to incorporate this new creature.
    See the Wiki for the commands and pricing.
  • Custom Housing:
    Custom housing is now available on Test Center (TC). On TC you can now both place AI Custom Houses (from the Custom Housing Area) and create new designs.
    If you're interested in creating a Custom House for sale on AI:
    Log into TC, at WBB you will find a gate to the Custom House Construction Area. At this gate you will also find the House Placement Tool. You will use the HPT to place a plot of the size and dimensions you wish for your house. You then double-click the house sign and begin construction.
    When you are done, you can request a review from staff, and if approved, we will convert your house to a blueprint and make it available for purchase on AI. (Your name will be on the house sign as the Designer.)
    Note: We're picky about what houses we want on AI. So no water falls coming out of walls, or other goofy-looking designs .. they will get rejected. Your house should reflect sort of the medieval time period.
    Note: I believe we have the ability to remove foundations, so after construction, you'll let us know this is what you want and we will make sure the blueprint reflects this.
    PS. I'm looking for 2-3 trusted house reviewers which will accept or reject houses based on appearance. I reserve the right to final judgment.
    reviewers can also request changes to be made to bring your new design 'up to code'.
    DM me if you feel you can be a reviewer.
  • Champ Dragging:
    As much as I appreciate the clever use of 'dragging' a creature to a private party, but the Town Invasions are not really the place for it. Town Invasions are intended to be for everyone.
    To this end, I've added a bit of monster AI to the Town Invasions champs that attempt to mitigate this strategy. It's a non-cheesy approach to the difficult problem, and fun!
  • Rare house addons are now redeedable. (Craftable addons are not.)
  • Town Invasion - Automated Event System (12:00 noon PST on 3rd Sunday of each month)
    There are probably close to 10 different ones of these, and I'm working on a very special new one ... I think you will all appreciate it wink
  • Crazy Map Day - Automated Event System (12:00 noon PST on 5th Sunday)
    Crazy map day is a 3 hour period where all creatures that drop treasure maps will drop 3x.
  • [redo] Mini bosses and treasure map chests now drop less powerful gear, but silver is untouched:
    My last nerf of weapon/armor drops inadvertently also nerfed Slayer weapons. I've fixed that.
    High-end weapon and armor drops are still available on the Champs, but I don't think they are done sufficiently often to cause a big problem for crafters. We can revisit as time reveals its truths.
    Side Note: I'm working on a Shard Health board (similar to leader board layout) that displays various shard health statistics like gold inflows and outflows. I will add to these stats stuff like total Vanquishing weapons available on the shard, then break it down by Player Crafted vs Monster Dropped. This should give us the data we need to fine-tune the drops.
  • AI Server update: Updated to all the latest patches and security fixes.