Hi So as im testing a dexxer (pretty much just a 7x normal dexxer temp) and i am PvM'ing with him, as well as a lil PvP.. i noticed something. Stamina drain is really extreme here. Now i understand the logic.. to prevent runners.. but to me, this is really really extreme, and i'll give a few reasons.

1. This will create a PvP meta where macers will rule the world. Really.. if they can get you to 35% stamina, in one CRUSHING blow.. now im swinging like molasses. (i understand refresh pots, which brings me to the next point)

2. Potions are not stackable here.. so conceivably.. i seriously would have to carry about 40 TOTAL REFRESHES to feel comfortable doing any sort of PvP.. w/stamina drain how it currently is. And when my backpack limit is only 125 items, that is very discouraging.

3. It drains just the same in PvM.. so any dexxer trying to take on mobs that hit on the "harder side" will also have this same "stocking" issue. There are more reasons- but to me.. those are the main three.

So the suggestion i have is: Make stamina drain less severe.

- Mayflower via discord

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]