• Login Server:
    Our new login server upgrade has gone in but is currently turned off.
    The new LoginServer provides two major benefits: 1) a firewall against attack, and 2) A common database for all shards.
    The common database feature solves the 'can't log in' problem by having a central repository for usernames and passwords across all shards. So when you create an account on Angel Island, the username and password will also be valid on Test Center (and any other shards we may add in the future.)
    As mentioned, the database functionality is currently off pending more backend server-side work.
  • Moongate Gatekeepers:
    Lord British has stationed gatekeepers at each moongate to aid travelers.
    There is really nothing to learn to use the gatekeeper, he will ask you where you are going, and you say where you want to. Actually, you don't need to even wait for him to ask, just run up to him and say "Yew".
    1. Gates will hue blue for all the normal moongates unless there is perceived danger on the other side. (we'll talk more about this in a minute)
    2. Gates will hue red when going to "a dangerous place"... typically this means one of the dungeons and any non-guarded region.
      Keep in mind, dungeon gates or other locations that are not standard moongates are one-way.
    3. For all non-standard moongate destinations (dangerous places) the gatekeeper will take a 35gp donation. It is called a donation because he will provide the gate regardless.
      1. He will first try to take it from your unemployment check, then your backpack, then your bank.
      2. He will either tell you he charged you, or tell you, you can pay me next time. This is all automatic and there is no need for the player to interact with this transaction. The reasoning here is to keep the moongate travel fast and efficient, and if the player needs to discuss payment, drop gold, blah blah, it slows the whole process.
  • Password Email:
    Clear text passwords are no longer sent via email.
  • a a magical wizard’s hat
    Fix the code that was adding an article ‘a’ to things that already have the article ‘a’ as part of their name. For instance, “a magical wizard’s hat” was being displayed as “a a magical wizard’s hat”
    This fix will fix any similar redundant articles for all BaseClothing.
  • All release:
    Pets no longer need loyality for releasing

More on Moongate Gatekeepers:
dangerous places
Dangerous places are destinations that are not a guarded region, or where there could be trouble waiting for you on the other side. For instance a red or criminal player character, or an and aggressive monster.
<town name>, if the gatekeeper knows the location, he will open the gate
<dungeon name>, if the gatekeeper knows the location, he will open the gate
News, the gatekeeper knows all the town crier knows. and will alert you of such (but only if asked.)
Where, where prompts the gatekeeper to list all the places he goes (this is helpful if you forget if it's "britian" or "britain".
The Gatekeeper implements a player-specific spam filter and will essentially block a spammer from any sort of command for 4 minutes.