There's 2 versions with different resource requirements. Lower level works for a player from anywhere (Basically the bank), and the higher level one works by taking a secure in a house (accessible by multiple characters).

2 Main buttons for functionality
Restock from target: Gives a targeting cursor and pulls any items eligible to be stored in the shelf from the location targeted and stores in the shelf.

Fills the character hitting the resupply button up to the specified levels as determined by loadout that's built.

Simple PVPer would loadout
1 each leather piece
100 Each reagent
10 G.heal potions
10 G.Cure Pots
5 T.Refresh pots
5 Trapped pouches
1 backpack
1 Halberd
1 Katana

A naked character hitting the resupply button will get equipped with 1 leather suit, the halberd, and have 100 each reg and the other stuff other stuff in their backpack (inside the sub backpack if those sub options are selected)

And as shown it has categories for
Each Armor type
Each weapon class
Crafting Tools other misc

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- Adventurer's Anonymous via Discord

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