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Special Ability Cool Down and Re-arm issue - Altris via Discord.

Disarm punch will disarm the opponent but has no mechanic to stop them from instantly re-arming it with a hotkey, perhaps make it so opponent can not re-arm anything for 4 or 5 seconds? or else it is functionally useless.

Also, there is no cool-down for stun punching somebody, which seems incredibly busted because it requires stamina to use and you can just chug total refreshes to stun them over and over

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Our implementation appears tobe era accurate. Moving to suggestions for further consideration.

Adam Ant — Today at 2:17 PM
@Liberation @Answer @Naysay*e*r and the rest of you PvP'ers.
So I had a bug filed that said, 1) stun punch needs a cool down so you can't just drink a refresh and keep stun-punching your opponent. and 2) after disarming someone, they should not be able to rearm immediately.
I looked at our code, and compared it to RunUO 2.0 and RunUO 2.6. AI matches RunUO.
So not sure I would call this a bug, but rather a suggestion. (Unless someone is sure these delays should be there.)
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

Jonathon Blade — Today at 2:20 PM
the disarm/rearm delay being instant is era appropriate I think
but I wouldn't mind a delay in reequipping wink

Eras — Today at 2:21 PM
on outlands they changed it to a 30sec cooldown, and renamed it hamstring and slightly different mechanics(irrelevant). its probably where this suggestion is coming from
Adam Ant — Today at 2:21 PM
Stun punch?
Eras — Today at 2:22 PM

Adam Ant — Today at 2:22 PM
kk. What are your thoughts? If I'm era accurate, I would like player buy-in to change it.

Eras — Today at 2:23 PM
those of us from t2a-ren eras, are used to it being on a swing timer cooldown
i have no preference, it still fails too often for my RNG
but every once in a while, i get a clutch stun
having a cooldown on it, i assume it will also have increased rate, instead of 25% chance(i think this is the number)
would force people to use it more sparingly and in high value conditions
as it is now, everyone just spams it while loaded to get a "free" sync

Eras — Today at 2:33 PM
the issue with spamming red pots while stunning, is it drops your spell, with 45 dex you get 3 attempts before you're stam locked and have to chug a red pot for positioning purposes, thus losing your preloaded spell
its not without balance currently, just lucky people

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