The battle continued for a very long time.
Shi Gyrl and Tromb disappeared but were replaced by Maid Marian and Katie.

The evils were now outnumbered, yet fought on as though nothing had changed.

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The battle continued to move throughout these caves and there was no sign of either side surrendering.

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Then a strange thing happened, the reds made a hasty retreat as Mianoumi brought out a halberd in an attempt to lay waste to one of these vile killers.

Methinks they will be back.

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Things got very quiet so I decided to go outside to see if maybe the battle moved there.

Ah yes, here they are and they have brought a blue healer to help them out. This healer, Tequila Joe, expresses his admiration for these two vile killers.

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Maid Marian was killed on this spot and I fear Katie is not far behind.
These odds are overwhelming. I am surprised they stay to fight.

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Katie dies a short time later.

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Well these events were most interesting. While I do not approve of blue healers and blockers and double teaming players, I can say without a doubt that these evils were indeed very experienced and most deadly.

The blue team, Yosha, Mianoumi and the rest, were relentless in there pursuit of this small yet powerful evil group.

You all fought well and were very effective.

Yosha, Mianoumi, although you fought well, do not be fooled. Those reds were exceptional fighters. Had the reds not used a blue healer and instead had another red fighter or two, I believe the outcome would have likely been different.

Until next time,
Adam Ant