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Posted By: Adam Ant Patch notes 6/22/2021 - 06/19/2021 4:04 PM
  • Fix magic weapon or armor loot drop for The Witches Apprentice quest
    • Add robustness checks to the imbuing functions in the loot the creation functions.
    • Update the design of the treasure map system
    • Add 7,300 treasure map locations.
  • Update HairItemID and FacialHairItemID 'setter' to make sure the lair is not null before assignment
  • Put the Parole Officer back at Angel Island (prison)
  • [internal] Changes to drop rate of “after hours club” key (prison)
    • Key is now destroyed upon use as the lock in the guard tower is rusty
    • Guards change locks when prisoners are trying to escape
    • Escape now takes you to Brit sewers. From there you have three choices, brit, a dungeon, or Oc’Nivelle. (Chose wisely.)
  • [internal] Fix some bad spawners.
  • [internal] Normalize the logging system.
  • Start adding both classic daily rares, and custom Angel Island rares. (In progress.) Some new rares are now only available to AI prisoners.
  • internal] cleanup, speedup, and optimization of cron timer system.
  • Website up (still working on it), Wiki up (still updating it.), server (hardware) and networking up, AI and AI Test Center up (but private atm.)
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