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Posted By: Adam Ant Patch notes 6/27/2021 - 06/27/2021 11:46 PM
  • [internal] Rework template spawners. These spawners generate mobiles or items from a template.
  • [Beta] Spawn full spellbooks and reagents at West Britain Bank for testers.
  • [Beta] Lower pet bonding time to 1 hour for beta testers.
  • [Crash] Fixed a lock/key bug that caused a server crash when unlocking a boat plank.
  • Enable Set Skill for beta testers.
  • Remove Test Center from the server list to avoid confusion.
  • [internal] Add checks for ZLib at server launch
  • Update Angel Island core version to 4.0 [Build no.]
  • [internal] Wrote patch code to be applied on the next server patch. This patch fixes up spawners template attributes.
  • Turn off event mobiles in both the orc fort (Yew) and brigand camp, and respawn them as usual.
  • Remove Magery requirement for Wind, add exit teleporters.
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