• Craftable magic weapons, armor, and shields.

    • Lots of work here, too much to cover in patch notes, please see the document I wrote up here.
    • In summary, all gear, i.e., weapons, armor, and shield are governed by this new system.
    • All combinations of attributes for all resource types on all gear are now possible. Vanquishing copper cutlass, or a Power shadow iron katana.
    • multiple levels of checks and throttles in place to limit overproduction.
    • the rarer the ore, the higher level of magery is required.
    • Certain 'softer' metals are have limited durability enchantments. (Copper anything can't be indestructible.)
    • Resource Hues on gear are now available, but again, the hued stuff will be harder to attain, especially from the rarer resources.
    • Ful details in the link above. (It will be rewritten and placed in the wiki)
  • Damage bug fixed. Craig found a one-liner that needed changing. Good job Craig!
    Essentially, we needed to reduce certain virtual armor on monsters when attacked by a human player.
    This should have a significant impact on PvM (hello dexxors).
  • Damage Tracker has been enhanced to show how much damage you dealt, and how much was absorbed by the monster's virtual armor.
    Additionally, both Damage Tracker and Whiff Tracker are now logged server-side along with your name. So if you have a complaint, we can review the logs together.
  • Add new scorpion spawn to Compassion desert.
  • Wrote a nuke command to seek and destroy all enchanted scrolls. I'll run [Nuke immediately after the restart.

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