• Magic Weapon Crafting
    New System for managing success chance and skill gain.
    1. This new system implements implicit 'spells' when crafting the special ores. A GM-only blacksmith can still craft these weapons, but they will carry no magical enchantments.
    2. Special item: You will need an Ancient Smithy's Hammer. These are available on all of the ore elementals.
    3. Uses reagents: the two reagents required for magic weapon crafting are garlic and mandrake root. These by the way are the same reagents used in the Bless spell. I.e., you are blessing or consecrating the weapon.
    4. Uses mana: Just as with casting spells, the crafting of these magical weapons consumes mana.
    5. difficulty increases with ore rarity. There are eight ores (dull copper-valorite) and consequently eight difficulty levels.
      In virtually all respects, the eight difficulty levels correspond to the eight levels for casting spells. Cast delay, mana use, skill gain, and chance of success.
    6. When a magical weapon is created, the exceptional attribute is removed and replaced with the magical attribute. Magical weapons carry the maker's mark.
    7. The two highest level ores (valorite and verite,) will retain their hue if they achieve the greater valorite / greater verite classification. Discussed below.
    8. The greater valorite and greater verite classification:
      • Each of the top three ores, (valorite, verite, and agapite,) have a greater and lesser class. The greater class carries the maximum attributes for that class. For example, the greater valorite weapon will be Supremely accurate, Indestructible, and Vanquishing.
        The lesser class valorite will be Exceedingly accurate, Indestructible, and Power.
        Essentially, each of the top three metal types can fall back one level.
      • Only the top two metal types of the greater class weapons will retain their hue
      • Next up: Shields and armor will follow this same model.
  • Armor & Shields
    A major overhaul here.
    1. Fix. Strength requirements for both armor & shields, and ensure dexterity bonuses are accurately reflected. These dexterity bonuses are typically negative and remove dexterity from the wearer.
    2. Remove old AOS code that was confusing the code.
  • [internal] Push server logging code down to the server-level.
  • [internal] Fixed a bug in template spawners that was allowing templates to get erroneously deleted.