• Reported: 1 damage swings with weapons.
    1. Resolution: I went over the damage formula and our damage output conforms to the damage calculator.
    2. I instrumented the code to output damage over time dealt as a visual display for users to test.
    3. To test damage per strike and damage over time, to compare to the linked damage table, you run the following command:
    4. set damage reset
    5. Running set damage will toggle the display on/off, and the 'reset'. clears all counters and starts anew.
    6. You can see partial output from one of the tests I ran here.
  • Reported: Teleporters wrong or missing, or transporting to stuck spots.
  • Resolution: Fixed. Let us know if you find any others. The list of broken/fixed teleporters can be found here.
  • Reported: Custom house prices are fluctuating.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
    We were trying to load the TestCenter housing blueprints on Production, and these all were failing. This failure to load a correct blueprint gives us the default price of 1,000,000 (which is just a safety net to make sure such an error doesn't give away houses.)
  • Reported: Incoming names of players/corpes in moonglow.
  • Resolution: Closed.
    Those things under the flowers are in fact 'stone'. The player seems to have incoming objects turned on, which might account for the spam.
    Without additional information, I'm closing this.
    Players are able to start with "Focus" skill. Other Bushido/Ninja and Necromancy skills should be disabled as well.
  • Reported: Players are able to start with "Focus" skill. Other Bushido/Ninja and Necromancy skills should be disabled as well.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
    The following skills were removed: Necromancy, Focus, Chivalry, Bushido, Ninjitsu, Spellweaving.
    There is no server-side support, so they can't go up/down and will have no effect on gameplay.
    Note: Spellweaving is included in the client-side gump on my client. Depending on the client version others may appear, however, they should all be 0.0, and in any case, are not viewed by the server or taken into consideration.
  • Reported: Weapons and Armor are not retaining hue
  • Resolution: Closed.
    Armor retains hue.
    Armor smelts to the resource it was crafted from (valorite plate smelts to valorite ingots.)
    Weapons do not retain hue after crafting, this is by design.
    Weapons smelt to iron, this is by design.
    Angel Island has never had colored weapons.
    Also, with the introduction of craftable magic weapons, having them smelt to iron increases the rarity of the resource from which it was derived.
    (This is not the RP explanation, just the design choices.)
    The RP would go something like: The higher heat need to fashion a bladed weapon is sufficiently high to destroy the luster (and reusability) of the resource. This is why they are superior weapons.
  • Reported: Key rings are not retaining keys.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
  • Reported: setskill disarming 0 actually sets animal taming to 0
  • Resolution: Fixed.
  • Reported: New player check can buy consignment items.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
    "With the new player cheque, i can use it to buy items i have on consignment "
    Hats off to @Dantain for probably finding the most ingenious exploit!
    If you now try to do so, you will get the following message from the vendor:
    "The seller of these commodities has instructed me to only accept a cash payment."
  • Reported: [Quest tickets don't redeem the container from the ticket when you double click them, doesnt appear in bank box either.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
  • Reported: Champion spawn in shame isn't working. Tried to summon Barracoon and it wouldn't work. And I was using the correct phrase with a wheel of cheese on the altar.
  • Resolution: Not a bug. Turned spawner.
  • Reported: These champs are on a schedule and will cycle based on the time of year. For beta testers, I've enabled this spawn.
    When you go down the hole it takes you to the succubus room and the stairs take you right between the chest and crate to where you have to step in the hole again.
  • Resolution: Fixed.
  • Reported: Carpenter is selling magic exceptional qstaffs.
  • Resolution: Fixed. (I think this was reported before I had actually merged the fix.) All seems well now.
  • Reported: Unable to place house over a tent
  • Resolution: Fixed.