• [content] All wooden weapons may now be ‘sealed’ with wax to prevent corrosion from either acidic creatures or poison mixing with blood.
    This change obsoletes the old ‘sealed bow’.
  • [patch] All existing sealed bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows have been replaced with “an ancient sealed bow”, etc.
    Since “sealed bows” are no longer craftable, those existing in game are now rare items as they have a unique name and hue. These ‘ancient’ replacement bows were created with 4K wax coats (charges.)
  • [content] Wax Pots and Sealing Weapons:
    a. wax pots are available on the beekeeper for 60 gp
    b. You’ll also need 4 beeswax and the cooking skill to provide a weapon with 20 coats of wax.
    c. Under Ingredients in the cooking menu, you will select Melted Wax. Your empty pot will be filled with wax.
    d. You double click the pot of wax to apply the wax (20 coats at a time,) to the wooden weapon of your choice. (The hue does not change)
  • [content] Now Copper, Dull Copper, Bronze and Gold + all sealed wooden weapons resist 100% of corrosion from either acidic creatures, or poison mixing with blood.
    The soft metals used to resist something like 67% of corrosion, now they resist 100%. This change gives the softer metals certain advantages over even the highest quality metals like Valorite.
    For instance, if I were getting Zora to make me a slayer for Elementals and I planned on taking out acid elementals, I would make sure to give Zora one of the softer metals, like Bronze (highest durability of the softer metals.) This Bronze slayer would likely out last even an indestructible valorite weapon due to its enhanced resistance.
    Note: These are not magic characteristics, but simply attributes of the material.
  • damaging township walls may now prompt an anti-AFK gump
  • [internal] Fixed the skill requirement for chopping logs into boards. The chop skill requirement now corresponds to the harvest skill requirement.

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