• [content] Unlimited Housing Storage / Thief Love:
    Changes to lockboxes:
    a. Removed storage tax credits. Additional lockboxes no longer require upkeep in the form of tax credits.
    b. Removed the cap of additional lockboxes. You can now purchase as many +1 lockbox deeds (a.k.a. "building permit: lockbox") for your house as you wish.
    c. Increased the price of +1 lockbox deeds (a.k.a. "building permit: lockbox") from 15k to 25k.
    Here on Angel Island, we don't have issues with item counts for any items stored in containers. This is because AI invented the 'freeze dry' system some 15 years ago.
    Basically, the FD system serializes and deletes all items in containers and rehydrates them when you open the container. It's so fast, no one ever even notices.
    Back in the day, OSI started implementing measures (limits on lockdown and such) because a player running by a house would lag since the server would try to send all these locked-down items (or items in containers) to the client. On AI, since the items technically don't exist, they are never sent to the client.
    Yoar and I discussed this for several days and decided to remove the caps on storage since:
    1. Our server handles very large item counts without client issues
    2. with greatly increased (unsecured) storage, there just may be a chance for the clever thief to grab something interesting.
  • New player guild once again accepting new members.
  • Stone fountains are now redeedable.
  • Zora:
    a. Improved dialog, expanded lexicon, more feedback – will tell you what items you still need to supply ‘Zora's quest’.
    b. Zora now accepts raw fish steaks and whole fish (whole fish == 4 fish steaks)
  • [content] You can now use NPC name and Title change deeds on housesitters.
  • [bug fix] Teleport bug fixed:
    a. Advanced AI teleporting mage mobiles weren't checking if they had enough mana to cast the spell. The failure would continue until they finally gained enough mana.
    b. When mage mobiles decided to cast Teleport, they would cancel whatever they were currently casting and switch to the teleport spell. The problem was that what they were casting was often teleport! The fix here was to simply remember that we are already casting teleport and just continue on with the cast.
    Ramifications: Because these mage mobiles are now smarter about casting teleport, they are far more efficient at it.
    Player feedback is welcome if it turns out these guys are just too good now.