• [content] Changes to the BOD system:
    a. Bulk Order Books are now craftable by scribes.
    b. The BOD system now remembers BOD offers: If you accidentally close the BOD accept gump, the same offer will re-appear the next time you talk to the BOD vendor.
    c. Implemented anti-AFK checker. Receiving a BOD offer may now prompt you to respond to the anti-AFK gump.
  • [content] Changes to skill gain:
    a. Removed "gain waits", which forced people to wait between two consecutive skill gains.
    b. Decreased skill gain rates of all skills, starting at 90 (base/real) skill.
    c. Implemented a skill gain "point system". This system ensures that the time between two consecutive skill gains is neither too short nor too long. This system comes into effect at 80 (base/real) skill and only in cases where the skill gain chance is relatively low.
    (*) What this means for skill training: Overall, skill training times have been reduced while resource costs have been increased.
  • [content] Changes to ships sinking corpses:
    a. When sailing against a corpse, the tillerman will proclaim that you've hit something.
    b. Corpses will only start to sink the second time you hit the corpse. This prevents players from accidentally sinking corpses that they intend to loot.
  • [content] Increase odds at getting an Ancient Smity Hammer from the Angry Miner Camps:
    a. Also added a +20% Blacksmithing bonus to these hammers.
  • [bug fix] Sort the BOD entries on the leaderboard.
  • Zora's Quest:
    a. Zora is an ancient animal that was once Lord British's pet. The peoples of Brittian were upset with the cramped quarters in which Lord British kept her. After much petitioning. Lord British agreed to give her her own pond - Zora's Pond.
    b. Zora's appreciation for the people of Britain is great, and as such, she is now supplying the citizenry with all forms of slayer Weapons.
    1. Zora replaces global Slayer drops with her quest-like interface.
    2. Zora currently supports all slayer types including super slayers.
    3. Get to know Zora, and she will supply you with what you need.
    4. When you go to see Zora for the first time, take some fish steaks. She will only communicate with you minimally if you don't feed her. She's a hungry girl!
  • [content] Creature Blood:
    a. Creature Blood now drops on all creatures for which there is a slayer-type weapon. (E.g., Litch Blood, and Dragon Blood.)
    b. Zora requires this Creature Blood to fashion your weapon.
    c. There are currently two forms of this blood - Regular blood (e.g., Dragon Blood) and semi-rare blood (e.g., Dragon Blood [semi rare]) The semi-rare blood will produce a superior weapon.
    d. We will be adding (Rare) and (Very Rare) blood in a future patch.
    e. Read about Zora here: game-master.net/aiwiki/index.php?title=Zora