• Blacksmith Bulk Order Deeds:
    Blacksmith Bulk Order Deeds are live on production.
    o +15 Ancient Hammer
    o +20 Ancient Hammer
    o Blacksmith Cooperative Membership
    o Powder of Fortification
    o Added rock hammer. Mining with a rock hammer increases the chance of finding granite.
    These rewards are in addition to the Resource Maps already covered as well as a few lesser rewards.
    We will be adding to this list over time.
    Note: All *existing* Ancient Smithing Hammers have been replaced with Tenjin's hammer. this is the new hammer used for magic crafting.
  • Blacksmith Cooperatives:
    Blacksmith Cooperatives are now live on the production server.
    Locations are roughly:
    Cove Mountain outpost
    West of Britain outpost
    West Covetous outpost
    Wind outpost
    Compassion outpost
    North East Minoc outpost
    Fire Island outpost
    Minoc North Mines outpost
    Features and membership are explained in yesterday's patch notes.
  • Dragon kin breeding:
    Both Dragons and Basilisks can now be bred on Angel Island.

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