• [internal] improved WipeShard functionality for LoginServer
  • Sea Gypsies:
    Sea Gypsies will no longer ask to go to the place where they already are.
  • Animal Trainers:
    Animal trainers no longer tell you: “In one real world week, I shall sell it off if it is not claimed!”
  • Alchemist NPC:
    Alchemist NPC now sells bulk reagents like the Mage NPC.
  • Blessed Miniboss Armor:
    Blessed miniboss armor will now have original meditation bonuses after being blessed. (items already blessed will revert to old meditation bonuses.)
  • Folded Cloth:
    Folded Cloth now retains the hue of the cloth that was used to craft it.
  • Agro AI Update:
    If a combatant has been out of LOS for too long, give up and move on the next target.
    Explained: Players found that if you agro a creature, then get out of her Line Of Sight, the creature would continue to agro on that player, even as the player's pets and buddies beat on the creature.
    The AI now gives up much sooner if it doesn't look like it's going to be able to get at the player. The creature will then retarget a more profitable candidate (you!)
  • Piles of Cloth:
    Rename "piles of folded cloth" to "pieces of cloth". (since we now have real folded cloth)
  • Angry Miners:
    Add support for spawning angry miners on a boat.

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