• Basilisk the Familiar:
    In follow mode, the basilisk will now hide when the caster casts Invisibility Spell
  • Magic Bows:
    Magic bows, (and all versions of slayer weapons,) are now dropping.
    Keep in mind though, when we randomly select gear to drop, bows make up a rather small percentage of the overall gear that can drop.
  • Magic Jewelry:
    Magic Reflect and other magic Jewelry now working.
    Backstory: Back in 2017 I was planning an event that involved magic jewelry. This jewelry was both region-bound and expired.
    The jewelry had all expired by 2021 - obvi
  • Lord Guardian’s ring:
    Lord Guardian’s ring name now displays correctly.
  • Horses now eat hay. What else do you need to know?
  • Pet Loyalty:
    Pet loyalty improvements. More accurate chance-to-control logic. In some cases your chance-to-control will actually be better now.
    1. the old code started with an immediate decay of loyalty for a freshly tamed beast. This has been changed so that a freshly tamed beast now benefits from the one-hour-to-decal logic.
    2. The lore gump was displaying loyalty based on an internal counter we use for managing loyalty decay. this was sometimes (often?) giving a level lower loyalty than what it should have. I changed the code to display and use the full loyalty level and not the internal counter.
  • Reagent availability:
    Mages now sell 90-120 of each reagent.
    Backstory: Back in earlier versions of Angel Island, we used reagent shortages to force players into Kin where they could get bulk reagents (but only one type per kin.) This was and is overly aggressive. We will find better ways to encourage Kin associations (Kin factions on the drawing board.)
  • Save Times:
    Speedup logic for saves.
    1. eliminate unneeded data
    2. cache ephemeral data instead of writing it to disk with each save.