• [content] Basilisk the Familiar 2.0
    I've completely redone the basilisk's AI.
    Basilisks now respond to all control commands in predictable ways.
    After Bonding (every 5-7 seconds):
    o Female basilisks heal Mana + 1
    o Male basilisks heal Stam + 1
    After 100 days :
    o Female basilisks heal Mana + 1 + healingBonus
    o Male basilisks heal Stam + 1 + healingBonus
    o) Both basilisks heal Hits + 1 + healingBonus
    healingBonus is calculated: Basilisk Age / 100
    So for example, post bonding and age < 100 days, basilisks will heal stats +1 (Mana for females, Stam for males.)
    At greater than or equal to 100 days, both basilisks will begin healing Hit points.
    So for example, at age 1 year, basilisks will heal all stats +4 (+1 for base heal, and +3 for age / 365) every 5-7 seconds.
    When your basilisk is in Follow mode, she will hide with you and stealth with you. She will reveal if you should overstep your allowed 'allowed stealth steps' but won't reveal if you commit some other revealing action like talking or casting a spell. You can issue All Kill commands while your basilisk is still hidden.
    Commentary on Basilisk the Familiar :
    This is a new and powerful addition to Angel Island. It opens up at least three new template choices:
    1) A Stealth PvM template
    2) A Stealth PK template
    3) A Stealth Anti template (Anti's hunt PK's)
    A Dragon is still the more powerful tame, but with these new abilities, a skilled fighter can use the healing of the basilisk to enhance the two working together as team.
  • [bug fix]House Decay:
    There was a bug preventing houses from decaying. This has been fixed. Houses will start decaying at normal rates.
  • Fish and Big Fish
    Fish and Big Fish are now legitimate foods for fish-loving creatures. (Basilisks love fish.)

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