• [content] Town Invasion:
    I'm introducing an all-new Town Invasion. I'll post details about it after it runs. (I don't want to give anything away.)
  • [Content] Golden Dragon makeover:
    Our golden dragon wasn't dropping loot commensurate with its difficulty.
    I've totally remade the Golden Dragon:
    1) Tougher than a Shadow Wyrm
    2) Not as tough as an Ancient Wyrm
    3) Loot is commensurate with its difficulty.
    Note: Nonbardable, not-tameable, smart AI.
  • [Content] Anger Miners on Xanax:
    The Angry Miners in Dungeon Shame are a bit more relenting.
    They still use the same AI, but tend to forget trespassers more quickly and as such, won't try to track you down to the ends of the earth.
    The overland Angry Miners are just as angry as ever and have not started taking the medication.
  • [Content] Foladable Cloth:
    While it's a mild nerf to some rares hunters, the new foldable cloth makes life for our tailors a bit nicer.
    A stack of folded cloth will hold 800 cloth. (That can be expanded if you really find it necessary.)
  • [Content] Four new Dyetub colors:
    Crafters now have four new craftable dye colors. They are really quite nice.
    Note: crafting/shading dyes no longer give skill gain.
  • [Content] Runebook dye tubs are now available from the Alechimist NPC.