• Town Invasion:
    I've installed the first Automated Event (AES) and it will be the invasion of Britain.
    This is a good opportunity to come together as a shard and defend your fair city.
    Guards will be off for the event, so take that into consideration.
    The Town crier will keep you posted as to event start, end, guards on/off, etc..
    The loot's not bad either... Have fun!
  • Sector Path Algorithm:
    One of Angel Island's unique features is that our creatures can navigate the entire map (that's how our town invasion works.)
    It is a very complex system and requires compiling a vast array of sector nodes (compilation done offline,) which describe the navigable paths creatures can use to move across the map.
    We will use this system more in the future, but for now it's the power behind our town invasion. (You'll notice, the creatures are not spawning inside Britain, but from a fair distance away, and yet, they all know where to go.)
    The fix in this patch was to:
    1) recompile the world map to account for structures that went up since the last compile, and
    2) Cache navigation beacons so that we don't need to locate/read them each time we need them (big performance improvement.)
  • MageAI:
    Fixed a pathing bug in the Mage's artificial intelligence.
  • Treasure Map chests:
    I've unnerfed the quantity of the magic gear dropped, and instead nerfed the 'level' of the magic gear.
    Anything above level 3 will have one level removed. So level 4 chests drop level 3 magic gear, and level 5 chests drop level 4.
    To compensate for this nerf, I'm now adding rares to the nerfed chests.
    Why?: We want our crafters to have a shot at supplying the shard with the best gear.
  • [internal] Move some base creature attributes down to the base mobile level (simplifies coding and clarity.)
  • Detect Hidden:
    We've added a delay to Detect Hidden to match what we believe is the correct delay.
    No more spamming of the skill.
  • [internal] Balanced Buy Back System:
    Added robustness checks and coding to endure all your cosigned items are safe and secure.
  • [bug fix] Boats and stacking sea rubbish:
    As you may have noticed, our boats 'stack' arrows and bolts. We fixed a bug in the stacking logic.
  • Grant Administrative staff more control over GuildStone properties.
  • Add a mage to the mage shop in Buccaneer's Den.