• Earned Gold Points: (available on the leader boards at all banks)
    Earned Gold Points are a new metric for measuring player gaming prowess.
    How it works: You all understand Player total net worth and PvM damage points.. these ar fairly obvious. But Earned Gold Points (EGP) is an entirely new metric that records your entitlement to gold, whether or not you physically take possession of the gold. (Thank you zodium and wrexor for the idea.)
    Examples: You solo kill a dragon that drops 1000 gold pieces (gp). You get 1000 EGP.
    You're involved in the killing of a dragon and you do 90% of the damage. You get 900 EGP.
    You pick a chest that spawns 3000 gp, You get 3000 EGP.
    You pick a ransom chest, and you get somewhere on the order of 100K EGP.
    I think it goes without saying that all participants in a kill get their fair share of the EGP.
  • Boating and being blocked:
    Boats can now push through corpses, arrows, blood, etc…
    We've added the ability for sailors (or pirates) to push through blockages while sailing.
    The way it works: When you hit a dead Kraken or water elemental corpse or whatever, you will stop. Just command the tillerman to continue in whatever direction you were headed. Forward for instance.
    The pressing of the boat on the flotsam and jetsam causes it to *sink*.
  • Britannian Rangers
    Britannian Rangers were designed to not only remember if you attacked them but if they attacked you for a full two minutes whether you are blue or not. (They're mean like that.)
    Rangers will no longer remember your past transgressions unless you attacked them .. they will however remember you if you attack them (for two minutes regardless of notoriety.)
  • Put back maker’s mark on GM-crafted clothing.
  • Tailors now start with newbie scissors.