• Mini boss armor bless deeds. (at your local blacksmith)
    The cool-looking armor that comes off mini-bosses is now blessable.
    Note: The armor will lose all special attributes after it is blessed with the exception of Durability. Durability will be boosted to Indestructible.
    Rational: We carefully crafted very good-looking (non gaudy) armor in early releases of Angel Island, but because of their rare nature, nobody would ever wear the stuff.
    So your choices are now three:
    [1] Keep the armor with special abilities locked down in your castle (lame)
    [2] Wear the armor with special abilities in battle (you rock!)
    [3] Bless the armor, and wear it in public, and look great!
  • LeaderBoards
    The first leaderboard is up. (there will be many.)
    This first leaderboard tracks total damage dealt to monsters. It's a simple metric that gives a very good idea of who's rocking the monster world. This metric is updated every 5 minutes and begins at the time of this patch.
    Another metric going in (maybe tomorrow) is the wealthiest players on Angel Island. This metric is retroactive as of shard launch.
    PvP is probably the most difficult and exploitable metric, so we will be very deliberate in presenting that data.
    Comming soon: Then there will be a Shard Health board (posted at Lord British's castle.) This board will display things like total shard wealth vs outflows into Gold Sinks. This is data I use internally, but with as sophisticated as our player base is, I thought I would serve it up publically. Basically, How's our economy doing?
  • Moongate gatekeepers are now full-time employees of the crown. They will no longer be taking random breaks.

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