• Attacking while hidden fixed.
  • Clothing bless deeds now sold by the tailor
    Adding this so folks and actually wear their black pirate hat, Council Robes, and black sandals.
    Seems a shame to keep those locked down. The deeds are not cheap, so they double as a gold sink.
  • No-housing regions now working correctly.
    There may still be one or two folks I need to evict, but no new housing can be placed there.
  • Higher Fighters
    These guys will now attack you if commanded to do so.
  • Vamp champ turned off (that's the spring champ,) and the Pirate champ (summer) is now activated.
    Angel Island has Seasonal champs in addition to the Random champs of Shame.
    The seasonal champs are:
    o spring (vamp), about Mar. 21,
    o summer (pirate), about June 22, (12:00 AM)
    o autumn (bob), about Sept. 23, (12:00 AM)
    o winter (Azothu), about Dec. 22, (12:00 AM)
  • Starting skill RemoveTrap
    Players starting with stealth, remove trap, or bow fletching will not get those skills points since it’s a client glitch (except for bow fletching as that's an AI thing (bow fletching was folded into carpentry.)) However, we log those characters and what was not given, we will reimburse these points.
    reimbursement will never exceed 50 total skill points and we won't spread out your reimbursement over any more than two skills.
    So for instance, if you picked RemoveTrap, we will give you 50 skills points in a skill where you have basically zero skill points, or say 25 in a skill of your choosing, and 25 skill points in another skill of your choosing. But we will not exceed 50 total skill points for any reimbursement.
    The reason here is that both stealth and remove trap have prerequisite skills before you can learn them.