• Earth Quake Spell
    The Earth Quake Spell can now only reach two tiles into your humble abode.
  • Fix a bug that wasn't cleaning up unclaimed Player quest treasure.
  • Fix a bug when trying to craft magic weapons out of iron with the Ancient Smithy Hammer.
    Note: This now works, but you won't get a magical weapon and so you are wasting valuable Ancient Smithy Charges.
    You need to use Dull Copper - Valorite to get magical attributes.
  • Remove Trap as a starting skill
    This is a bug in the CUO client. Remove Trap requires both 50 locking picking and 50 detect hidden as prerequisites and therefore should not be offered as a starting skill.
    I am however logging those that are trying to start with Remove Trap, and if you are logged as selecting that as a starting skill, I will reimburse you in one of two ways:
    1) Giving you 50 skill n Remove Trap once you have 50 locking picking and 50 detect hidden
    2) Giving you 50 skill right away in the skill of your choosing (other than remove trap of course)
  • Custome Houses
    Nothing was done here, but I wanted to clear up a misunderstanding. Custom houses can be placed by buying the deed and double-clicking it.
    You cannot use the house placement tool for custom houses as that tool is (currently) only for classic houses.
  • Correctly set no housing regions for a couple of regions that were missing that flag.
    If you currently own a house in one of these regions, you can move it yourself, or I'll give you a hand.
    I'll notify you if your house falls into the category (very few houses fall into this category BTW)