• Gold is no longer spawned on new accounts. Instead, an Unemployment Check is given to the new player for the amount of 1000 gold.
    This check cannot be cashed nor traded; it is only usable by the player to whom it was given.
    This check can be used by players to purchase goods from shopkeepers and to train skills.
    1. Beta Testers: Try to find Unemployment Check exploits. Can you find a way to get them cashed? Can you find a way for someone other than the player it was given to, to use it?
    2. Find bugs.
  • To train a skill using an Unemployment Check, the player says: Name of vendor train healing 100. (The 100 given here is the amount you with to spend on healing.)
    1. Name of vendor train (vendor lists trainable skills)
    2. Name of vendor train healing (vendor tells you how much can be trained and how much it will cost.)
    3. Name of vendor train healing 100 (vendor trains you in healing based on the 100 gold you agreed to.)

  • A note on training: Vendors tell you the wrong names of skills. Like Swordsmanship is really the skill Swords. Maces is really the skill Macing.
    I’ve implemented code to iron all this out for you. You can say train maces, maceing, or mace fighting. They will all work. Same goes for set skill.
    I have seen many players struggling with set skill x. Players don’t often know if it’s set skill inscription or set skill inscribe. Again, this is all worked out for you.
    taste identification, tasteidentification, tasteid. They all work.
    1. Beta Testers: Try to find problems with this new mapping engine. Does it really recognize all the different permutations of skill names?
    2. Find bugs.
  • No more exceptional weapons from shopkeepers in Angel Island Beta. (This was a remnant of test center functionality.)
  • Accounting books (used for consignment sales to vendors,) on bankers are now labeled correctly.
  • Enchanted scrolls are now turned off. (you will now get the magic weapons off monsters.) (may be reduced.) See: Player crafter magic weapons below.
  • Player crafted magic weapons
    1. This is a new system, and an attempt to put crafters at the center of premium item creation.
    2. A crafter with (only) GM blacksmith can now create weapons from the from the exotic ores: DullCopper, ShadowIron, Copper, Bronze, … Verite, and Valorite. These weapons will carry enhanced durability as well as possibly being exceptional.
    3. A crafter with GM blacksmith, Magery, and Arms Lore will have a chance to create the most powerful weapons in the game, up to: an Indestructible, Supremely Accurate, something of Vanquishing.
    4. The scaling of skills against success rate is still being worked on. This will be finished in an upcoming publish.
    5. Armor will be addressed in upcoming publish.
    6. note: The heat and forging process still causes weapons to lose their native resource hue. (this is intended.)
  • [internal] If the server is to restart unexpectedly, it comes up with ‘red’ text to alert administrative staff of the problem.