• The Overland 'mini quest' mobiles (OverlandBandit, OverlandMerchant, and OverlandTreasureHunter) now spawn in over 7K different locations.
  • [internal] Significant rewrite of RunUO's BaseEscortable to better support my specialized derived classes: (OverlandBandit, OverlandMerchant, and OverlandTreasureHunter). The old code made it tough for my guys to figure out their ‘destination'. This is fixed now.
  • [internal] More ‘cron’ optimizations. These changes break the cron jobs into bite-sized chunks which are easily digestible by the slice-timer. In short, the old code would attempt to complete an entire cron job (e.g., enumerate every item in the game, see if it should be decayed, then decay it.) Now the cron job manager will enumerate the items, and quickly recreate a subset, then hand each element off to the slice-timer queue. In plain English, performance stuffs.

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