• Magic Gear Crafting
  • I've changed magic weapon crafting such that the high-level ores get the best attributes. It goes like this:
  • Everything is the same with the following exception. (durability stays the same)
  • Only Valorite can achieve Vanq and Supremely (it can still fall back as discussed.)
  • Only resource >= Verite can achieve Power and Exceedingly (it can still fall back as discussed.)
  • Only resource >= Agapite can achieve Force and Eminently (it can still fall back as discussed.)
  • The rest of the ores are as they were before.
    The Treasure Hunter
    The treasure maps were just too hard. The problem is that the resolution of those little maps at best gives you a rough idea of where the terasure is.. You'll get worn out before finding it.
  • I've added a second pin to the treasure map to show your location relative to the map. This added reference makes treasure maps doable and fun again.
    [Linked Image from game-master.net]
  • You will need a cartographer's sextant (available) at the tinker.
  • You double-click the sextant, target the map, and your position is updated on the map.
  • Let the adventure begin!
  • Ancient Smithy Hammer spawn greatly reduced. Valorite and Verite elementals have a slightly better chance of spawning them.
  • Rename several poorly names scrolls.
  • respawn brit farms
  • Shame level 2 spawn
  • moonglow teles fixed.
  • respawn "Bludchok-hai" orc fort
  • Can now magic craft in town
  • Respawn part of Trinsic
  • All magic gear created is logged server-side so I can track 'balance'.
  • I added spell delay for [Cancelspell to more closely mirror that of old-school 'daggering' @SekZ