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Angel Island Overview

Angel Island is a classic Ultima Online Shard circa Publish 15 with enhancements set in a Felucca ruleset. More important than the era though, is the philosophy behind the design. The Legacy team has set out to build a solid and robust incarnation of Ultima Online that embodies all the things we loved about early UO while still growing and expanding to create an ever-interesting shard for everyone to play.

  • 1 house per account
  • 3 accounts per IP
  • 5 player characters per account.
  • 225 Stat Cap
  • 700 Skill Cap
  • Felucca Ruleset - With some Custom Dungeons
  • No Mounts

Custom Systems

Staff Hosted Events

Automated Events

Town Invasion

Kin Ransom

Fight Night

Crazy Map Day


Decoration and non-mechanic changing items available through Donations page.