Kin System

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The Kin Alignment system is assist in PvP and RPPvP. Kin alignment is guild-based. The guildmaster of each guild must decide whether and which kin alignment to choose. As a member of a kin-aligned guild, you will flag as an enemy (orange) worldwide to members of all opposing kin-aligned guilds. Like-aligned player kin will not be flagged ally (green) unless they are in the same guild or an allied guild. Like-aligned NPC mobs will appear green, as they are your allies and will not attack you.

There are 7 Alignments to choose from.

  • brigand
  • counsel
  • militia
  • orc
  • pirate
  • savage
  • undead


There are Kin strongholds scattered throughout the land. When you enter a stronghold, you will see a message informing you of this. This means that, regardless of whether or not you are kin-aligned, if an attack that results in your death starts in a stronghold, or if you die in a stronghold (no matter where you were first attacked), you will not be able to report your attacker as a murderer.

Temporary flags

Aggressing your own kin or helping someone in combat with your kin, will cause you to be outcast from your kin for a certain amount of time. This means that kin of your alignment will attack you on sight and everyone in the kin system can still freely attack you.

Casting beneficial spells on anyone in the Kin system will flag you as an interferer for 24 hours. You will be freely attackable by anyone else in the Kin system.