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How to Connect

Using the launcher

1) Download the launcher here
2) Run AngelIslandLauncher.exe
3) Enjoy!

Classic UO

Connecting to Angel Island with Classic UO + Razor is quick and easy. Follow the short guide above.


Classic UO client

Latest Razor version


UO:Angel Island Launcher

Angel Island Golden Client

Razor Ultima Online Utility (3rd Party macro Tool)

Steam – Ultima Online Utility (3rd Party macro tool, alternative to Razor)

UO Cartographer - Map Assistant

Microsoft .Net Framework – (supporting software for razor)

Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries – (supporting software for razor)


Server IP/Name –

Port – 2593

If you are new to UO, or you are having problems connecting, please read the New Player Guide.

Shard Accessibilty

Currently Angel Island has 2 shards available to connect to.

Angel Island – This is the live production server. Create your character and get immersed in the best MMO ever made!

Angel Island TC – This is our test center. It gives players the ability to test different skills and functionalities of the shard without having to worry about resources or time.