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Ultima's Legacy Lives On!

What is Ultima Online?

Ultima Online (UO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), released on September 24th, 1997, by Origin Systems, then Electronic Arts and now Broadsword. The game is played in a fantasy setting similar to the other Ultima games that preceded it.

Ultima Online was the game that opened the door for the creation of many new massively multiplayer games. It is online-only and played by thousands of users on various game servers, also known as shards. It remains today, as the longest living MMORPG to date with a still active playerbase.

Because it was released before the DMC Act (1998), technically minded users are able to create and host their own custom freeshards using various UO emulators, like RUNUO. Those people are able to modify and create custom content. Because of this, Freeshards have been growing and evolving since that time.

You can read more about the history of Ultima Online here on Wikipedia

What is Angel Island?

Angel Island is a classic Ultima Online Shard circa Publish 15 with enhancements set in a Felucca ruleset. More important than the era though, is the philosophy behind the design. The Angel Island team has set out to build a solid and robust incarnation of Ultima Online that embodies all the things we loved about early UO while still growing and expanding to create an ever-interesting shard for everyone to play.  

I started out playing on the OSI (Origin Systems) Ultima Online Napa shard in 1998 and enthusiastically played through July 2002 when OSI released the now infamous Publish 16. Publish 16 changed elements of the game which took much of the risk out of the game, and for me, all the fun. What I found fun was knowing that you could lose all your possessions if you died in a dungeon for instance. OSI changed this so that upon death in a dungeon, you were teleported back to safety with all your belongings! I was a roleplayed player killer on Napa (PK). My method of operation was that I was to protect the monsters of the town of Wind (the lich to be exact.) If I found you in Wind, and you were not wearing a red bandanna (a show of respect,) you would be killed. However, I would usually return some of your stuff, give you a book explaining the rules of hunting in Wind, and give you sufficient means to return home. Publish 16 destroyed this. I could kill you but I could not roleplay the rest of our encounter. There were many other unwelcome changes as well, including, many new weapons and armor ill befitting of the time period. Item insurance, and all sorts of crazy enhancements associated with weapons. You could literally have a sword with like ten lines of goofy enhancements.

In March 2000 and before leaving OSI, I wrote up a proposal for a prison system called "Angel Island" and got overwhelming support from the Ultima Online community. Over 1000 members of the Ultima Online community mailed in support of the "Angel Island" prison system, many of them were legends in their own right. Here is the original proposal with many of the supporters listed. (the links are long dead now.)I sent the proposal off to Runesaber, a lead developer over at OSI, and a few others. I later heard the proposal was discussed at an annual OSI event, but nothing was to come of it.It was at this time I left OSI and decided to launch my version of  UO, one set in the Publish 15 time period, and one where roleplayed player-killing was an integral part of the game. I launched the Angel Island free shard in March of 2004 and maintained and developed it for the next 13 years.  My team and I built the Angel Island prison system described in the proposal, and you will find it here today. I had a saying back then, and I still believe it now - life is only as sweet as death is painful.


Angel Island adds many new features and systems including new character templates (the Summoner and Slayer,) Townships, Sea Gypsies that will take you on a seafaring quest,  1,400 treasure map locations, themed treasure chests, kin alignment (align with Orcs. pirates, savages, etc.)  A War Ring for guilds, the Angel Island prison system, special seasonal champion spawns, an automated event system, ransom quests (kin protect the ransom and other alignments try to steal it.) Island Siege (an island dedicated to PvP, no murder counts.) A bounty system (where players can place a bounty on the head of their murderer,) anti-macroing systems (CAPTCHA for miners.) Enhanced AI for monsters, and the list goes on...

Server Features

Our Angel Island shard runs on a dedicated  PowerEdge T640 with 10 cores (20 logical) with a 1000mbps fiber internet connection. The Angel Island server platform ensures you will have 24/7 access to your UO account!

I hope you all enjoy Our UO. We’ve had a lot of fun putting it together.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"
-- Charles Darwin


Server Info

Host Address: Port 2593

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The Angel Island Staff


Adam Ant - Owner, Admin
Folik - Admin


Game Masters:



CraigParton - Developer
Liberation - Developer
Pix - Developer
Yoar - Developer


Mael - Moderator


EvilManfred - WikiMaster

Hierarchy and Roles

The Owner has complete control over the shard and has the final say over all decisions and staff members. The owner is responsible for keeping the shard balanced and fair for all players.

The Administrators have control over the shard and it's contents. They usually also have access to the server on which the shard is hosted, able to restart it or update the functionality of the shard. One of the Administrators is the Coordinating Administrator, that person is incharge of the shard and can make important decisions in the absence of the owner.

A seer is like being a Counselor before becoming a Game Master. They have seniority above Game Masters and Counselors, and have some extra duties and abilities.

Game Master
A game master has all the tools for building the world, making all sorts of events. This is the basic level a staffer achieves after successfully completing their Counselor period.

The counselor position is given to beginner staff members who are still learning about the game itself, the basics of staffing or the particularities of our shard. Counselors have a small array of powers that they can use, they usually do smaller events, tour new players and help with easier issues. Counselors are not to be confused with Council members, which are players.

These kindly folk develop and contribute content to the Angel Island shard.

Moderators on Angel Island assist discord users in finding the most appropriate channels for their conversations.

The Wikimaster
This astute fellow is tasked with organizing and presenting shard-related information to users in the most concise, coherent and visually appealing manner possible.