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Q: Does this server have the Trammel Facet?

A: No, this shard utilizes the Felucca facet only.

Q: Do reds get stat loss?

A: Reds suffer stat loss if they res with 5 short term murder counts or more. Stat loss is 10% loss of skills and stats. But at each death a murderer with over 5 murder counts will be asked if they wish to attend Angel Island Prison. Upon selecting this option the person will be resurrected with no penalties.

Q: What is Angel Island Prison?

A: It is an alternative to stat loss. You can either wait for your murder counts to meet a minimum number to be paroled, or attempt to escape the island… if you know its secrets.. Murder counts decay faster while inside the Prison; 4 hours for shorts 20 hours for longs.

Q: Is Insta-Hit enabled?

A: No, the events of Angel Island take place within the renaissance era.

Q: Does the Eval/Anat Combo work here?

A: Yes, Eval/Anat grants the defensive equivalent of wrestling.

Q: I hear there are ways of activating special moves?

A: Set your “Primary Ability” to a macro in the UO Options -> Macro Tab.

Q: Can I sell things to NPCs?

A: Nope, it’s a purely player ran economy. You can sell certain items to vendors on consignment through the Balanced Buyback System.

Q: I hear the magic spell “Arch Cure” is changed?

A: Arch Cure is actually considered to be “Greater Cure” here which is used to remove higher level poisons.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Type [password to change your password. Alternately you can use [profile to activate your account for security purposes.

Q: I have another question?

A: Please feel free to ask the community questions in our very active Discord channel!

Q: What is Siege Perilous and how is it different from Angel Island?

A: Siege Perilous is a shard that uses a special ruleset in which players are only able to log onto one single character per person. You can currently log into the Siege Perilous test server to beta test the game for yourself!

You are able to use the test functionality, which includes the ability to set your skills or stats by simply saying "set swords 100" for example.

Siege Perilous will launch with an event underway called “Taking Back Sosaria” which is currently active on the test shard.

The Taking Back Sosaria (TBS) event accomplishes two primary goals; 1. To shrink the usable map without introducing a custom map, and 2., provide the player base with a fun and enjoyable initial experience while also encouraging teamwork. The event is centered around both Factions and Ethics. For those not familiar with these terms, Factions is really sort of a shard sponsored guild. There are four such guilds: Minax, Council of Mages, True Britannians, and Shadowlords. Each of these factions has a stronghold. For instance, the stronghold for True Britannians is at the entrance to Lord British’s castle, just a stones throw from West Britain Bank. Ethics is a system of ethical alignment with either good or evil, Hero / Evil respectively.

In classical Origin Systems fashion, each of the Factions had a faction-aligned creature:

  • Minax: Ogre Lords
  • Council of Mages: Wisps
  • True Britannians: Silver Serpents
  • Shadowlords: Daemons (not summoned daemons)

The Event:

These faction-aligned creatures have collectively decided that there is no room for humans in the factions. They are currently enjoying ownership of all cities and towns except for Britain, which is still under the control of Lord British. Venturing to these towns as a lone individual is both difficult and treacherous.

These faction-aligned creatures guard each of the strongholds jealously, and will attack any player trying to enter. Fortunately, the signup stones for all of these factions are just outside the stronghold and as such is reasonably safe. Do be aware though, that the faction-aligned creatures have commissioned gargoyles to protect the larger areas outside of the strongholds.

Tips, Tricks, and strategies: While these creatures are formidable, they are not without their weakness. The gargoyle guardians first appeared in zones within the cities. We have learned that if you take out a zone, the gargoyles do not return. This was the tactic we used for Britain. So, the strategy is to recapture cities zone by zone. We have further learned that these zones seem to run north to south. So, attacking from the east or west works best, then work your self N/S to capture the zone. Cities seemed to be split into maybe four or so zones. So a smaller city will have smaller zones.

Your character will receive feedback in the form (N of M kills) for zone XYZ. So for instance, if there are 30 creatures protecting that zone, you will know by the display your progress. If you take too long to capture a zone back, the guardians will respawn and you’ll need to start over. But even having to start over, your work will not be in vein as killing these creatures earns faction silver and Life Force.

Suggested initial strategy: Since Britain is clear of these loathsome creatures, with the exception of the creatures in British’s castle, I recommend joining True Britannians initially, then banding with your faction mates to take back that faction stronghold. Once accomplished, the faction stronghold will once again belong to humans, and Britain will be free.

The next goal, would be to target each of the strongholds, one by one, until those too have been given back to the people.

At this point, True Britannians may start defecting to other factions. At any point of this crusade, interesting and/or important zones withing the cities may also be captured, for instance around banks, forges and such valuable resources.

Shard Variations Chart:
Angel Island  Siege Perilous
Item Insurance No No
Trammel Facet No No
Factions Kin System Regular Factions
Resource Drops Normal Rate Halved
Reds/Greys can insta-log or ban thee in housing Yes No
Skills and Stat gains Normal difficulty-based gains Return Over Time (RoT)
NPC Skill Training Yes No (Cartography and Lockpicking gain from 0-10 normally on SP)
Travel Spells Normal No Recall
Changes to Blade Spirits and Energy Vortex None Weakened
Telekinesis Normal Will not work on trapped or locked chests.
Item wear Normal Musical instruments, fishing poles, herding crooks, scissors, axes used for Lumberjacking, and other bladed objects will wear down and break with use.
Shopkeeper buys items from players No No
Shopkeeper prices Normal 3x
Shopkeeper Resource sales No No
Hireling fees Normal 3x
Town NPC gold drops None None
Total accounts allowed 3 1
Total characters per account 5 1
Balanced Buyback System (NPC Consignment) Yes Yes
Murderers allowed in town No Yes
Heal murderers in town? Criminal flag and guard whack Criminal flag but no guard whack
Thieves Guild Normal rules / requirements Although you must still be in the Thieves Guild to steal from players, you will not be removed from the guild for collecting a murder count, nor are there any skill or time requirements to meet before joining.
Stealth Skill Mechanics Normal Rogues will find it a bit easier to sneak up on their marks as the chance to be automatically revealed when near player-characters while stealthed has been reduced to one tile.
NPC skill training Yes No
Animal Taming Skill Difficulty No Taming high level monsters (such as nightmares, wyrms, and dragons) will become twice as difficult.
Housing Prices Normal The cost of house deeds when purchased from NPC shopkeepers on Siege Perilous will be 10x the prices seen on "normal" shards.