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Cartography allows you to make maps of the area and decode treasure maps.

Many Treasure hunters find this anagram useful for determining treasure map levels:


  • Plainly - level 1
  • Expertly - level 2
  • Adeptly - level 3
  • Cleverly - level 4
  • Deviously - level 5

Training Cartography

  • Train from NPC 0-10
  • Local Maps 10-27.5
  • City Maps 27.5-40.1
  • Sea Chart 40.1-47.3
  • World Maps 47.3-99.5
  • Level 4-5 Treasure maps 99.5-GM

Note* There is currently no way to gain from 0-10 without training at an NPC.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a Razor macro to create maps and then throw them in the trash barrel, be careful! Razor doesn't differentiate between crafted maps and treasure maps, and if you're standing near a chest with treasure maps Razor can grab those and throw them in the trash barrel as well. Keep your distance from any treasure maps when running this type of macro!