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General Information

Bulk Order Deeds (aka BOD's) are now available for Blacksmiths from the Blacksmith NPC. To obtain a BOD you must single click a Blacksmith NPC (with your Blacksmith) and select "Bulk Order Info" from the context menu.

Turning in a BOD will negate the BOD timer and allow you to receive another one instantly.
BOD timers are shared over each account; when you receive a BOD offer, you and all your characters on the same account must wait before receiving a new offer.


BOD rewards on Angel Island are customized, and there are no Powerscrolls.

Turning in BODs earns points which are accumulated and spent on specific rewards. The rewards gump opens when you turn in a BOD, or you can day "claim" to the NPC.

Note that Blacksmiths with lower skill levels will receive lower tier BODs.

Cooperative Memberships

One new reward that you can earn is a membership deed for the new Cooperatives system. These are used on the house signs of the NPC owned cooperative workshops which grants membership access.

Members of cooperative workshops get special bonuses while standing inside them.

Resource Maps

Resource maps are another custom BOD reward on Angel Island. These maps display the locations of higher tier metals and can be used in conjunction with the Cartographer's Sextant.

The resource maps have a number of charges which deplete with each pickaxe swing.


BODs that you turn in earn you points which are now tracked via the public Leaderboards. The top ten earners will be displayed.

Bulk Order Books

BOD's can be stored within Bulk Order Books, which are craftable using Inscription.

These books can be used to sell BODs to other players by storing them on your player owned public vendor. Prices are set within the book, which you then determine not to be for sale after placing it into the vendors inventory.